The little girl from Chiapas was recognized by UNAM’s Institute of Nuclear Sciences for her outstanding scientific achievement.

Xóchitl has designed and constructed a solar-powered device to heat water, using only recycled materials, Cultura Colectiva reports.

The 3rd grader took it upon herself to do something about it. 

In Xóchitl’s community in Chiapas, Mexico, resources are scarce. “People don’t have the money to buy heaters, so they chop down trees to get firewood [to heat the water],” she says.

Xochitl has also used her gift to help at home. With the help of her father she built a solar water heater- using two glass doors, a few bottles, a hose, and a tank.

Her idea for the heater came due to environmental concerns. “There are people with low resources that have no chance at buying heating systems, so they cut down trees to get firewood and therefore they hurt the world with global warming,” Says Xochitl.

State coordinator of PAUTA Jesus Iradier Santiago, has said that many children with great academic and scientific abilities are missing out in Mexico. He says this is due to lack of resources being provided by local government and families often missing or not nurturing the talents they have.

The father of Xochitl Lucio Guadalupe, has said families should “support the little ones, who are the future,” and says that they have supported Xochitl unconditionally from the start.