Bill Murray has a reputation for using his quirkiness to dole out random acts of kindness, and last week, he did it again — handing out free tickets to eager concertgoers.

At a concert for The SteelDrivers at Charleston, South Carolina’s Music Hall last Thursday, Murray bought up the remaining tickets to the show and handed them out to fans waiting in line to purchase seats.

Fan Adam Gloeckler was one of those in line when it happened. He snapped a photo of the actor, which he shared on his Facebook page, writing, “Bill Murray was just handing out free tickets to The Steeldrivers at the box office.”

In an interview with the local CBS affiliate, Gloeckler praised the actor for his generosity and said he hopes it inspires the community to “pay it forward.” “It is something that everyone who experienced it will never forget,” he told Live 5 News. “If only everyone in the world was like Bill Murray!”

The band’s manager Jules Wortman confirmed Murray’s act of generosity to EW and said the band “absolutely did not know” the actor planned to do this. “They had gone to dinner and he’s just a big fan of theirs. They did not know he was going to go buy tickets and surprise fans,” Wortman tells EW.